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My trash :3


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What title sounds better for Infected Opregga 

7 deviants said Infected Queen
5 deviants said Shadow Birth Mother
4 deviants said Shadow Spawn Queen
4 deviants said Queen of Shadows



Tekaplant Commission
Are a closed species so you can't make one of your own. but if you pay you may make one.
Further details later
Joining a series/story I make/made
if you want to join pay here
Want a request pay here


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My literally right now
Me: *looks at phone, inhales* MEOW!!
I think I found one of Opregga's forms theme XD
I am thinking of changing my name in March
should I?
if so what should my new username be?
Okay guys be honest with me
Whos downloading my deviations?
Day-Friday the 13th

Light: Mama's scary! Paleodraw's Tattletail Icon 
Demon: your right kid *light went out*
Light: ahh! Its dark!
Demon: *Shook flashlight only to see Mama's red eyes* Holy-!Tomoko Screaming Icon 
Opregga: Tattletail Jumpscare
Did you know Opregga's belly Is see through and it glows?
Demon: *saying bad things about Light*
Light: *between his cries he speaks* S-Stoop! You makin mama mad!
Demon: mama?! HA!!! Your mother is dead!!
*the room starts to crawl with growing plants but Demon didn't notice*
Light: Mama's Coming! Mama gonna make you pay!
Demon: Your. mothers. dead!
Light: You beta stop! Mama is getting mad!

Light (C) CazztheCreature 
Demon (C) Me
Opregga is part Xenomorph and Predator so that's why you might find him with Tekafacehuggers(facehuggers with tv heads and a face and a tail that is a vine) clinging onto him but not necessarily on his face hitching a ride on their Queen(that being Opregga) and that's how they spread so quickly and with his Predator side he has some of the same abilities and skills at them so don't be to surprise if his home-Redoakwillow has skull trophies hanging on the wall. 
RP starter!
(Warning Might contain spoilers for Majora's Mask! I highly recommend you play the game first!)
You encounter Majora who looks upset, black tears are falling from her eyes and she points at you and screams "YOU KILLED MY SISTER,YOU MONSTER!!!!" Majora burst into tears and her visible iris glows cyan and the glow trails off the side and if morphs into a ravenous wolf who makes howl motions. Majora is ready to fight to revenge her sister's death.
What do you do?
A-Try to explain to her you didn't do it(Then tell who REALLY did it)
B-Try to explain why you did it(Don't its pointless)
C-Run away(shes gonna chase you)
D-Battle her until she gives in(It's gonna be tough)
I have an interesting thing in mind
Think about the playing cards you know Spade, Diamond, Club, and Heart. Now imagine just plane cards with nothing on the front and on the back were flower and rose vine designs and when you picked up the card and look at the blank side, in an animated way it'll tell you the power you are temporary granted, tell you your fate, your future, and much more
They are called Rose Cards
RP starter
You walk across an Impregnanted Opregga who is crying and saying "help me please I'll do anything you want just help me!" You see on the floor beside him a dead Drone who looked to have been stabbed multiple times by sharp objects them being the thorns on Opregga
Do you
A-Help him by asking what was wrong
B- find a way to help him and help him through his new pregnancy
C-Try to ignore him and press on
Not only can Gomess(rebirth)'s feathers under his wings turn into his hands he can also turn them into scythe blades and this allows aerial combat and swift movements and this comes in hand when battling sky foes and for attacking prey
Opregga has a pet Preying Mantis named Flora
Something Light(CazztheCreature) should know about his mother

Opregga has a very rare but also dangerous condition with no cure called Overgrowth which means he gets overgrown plants growing all over him and he doesn't have any control over it and it happens at random times but don't try to pull them out and cut them they root and attach into his skin the only way to deal with Overgrowth is to keep Opregga calm and the Overgrowth should solve itself.
Its NOT Contagious
Opregga MUST stay out of the sun or the Overgrowth gets out of control
I'm listening to this

and all I can think about is Majora's Incarnation only with 10 arms...My imagination is kicking in again!
Happy Valentines day!
I Wish you a happy loved filled day
Even if you don't have anyone to go out with
you still got all of us!
I'm here for you
your here for me
I hope this day
to be a happy loved filled day
and Id be happy to spend it with you!
Facts about female Tekaplant
They are the only ones with the ponytail plant behind their heads and no its not actually hair is a fully fled plant just in the shape of a pony tail and Opregga is mostly female soooo yeah :T
I'm so immature but I don't care XD
Majora's Incarnation: *bouncing a bit*
Link: why are you so bouncy?
M.Incarnation: I have to go NOW!!!
Link: there is a toilet over there you know?
M.Incarnation: Link you know I can't fit in the bathroom I'm to flipping big!
Link: then go behind that tree *points at a tree*
M.Incarnation: That's a shrub!!!
Link: Go to the ocean then!
M.Incarnation: we're miles away!!!
Link: either you use the tree or hold it!
M.Incarnation: Fine but don't look!
Link: I wont. *Turns around*
*20 minuets later*
Link: You done yet?!
M.Incarnation: Yes!
Link: *turns back around only to see the tree drenched* oh 0-0
M.Incarnation: I told you...its a shrub!
Link: to you that is...

For some reason me and a few friends were talking about this topic during Lunch and I don't know who brought it up but I was dying of laughter XD

Link and Majora's Incarnation (C) Nintendo



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